The Swiss Army Knife of the Linen World

The Swiss Army Knife of the Linen World

Well...almost - much as we've tried our towels can't yet open a bottle!

At Lüks we firmly believe that ‘less is more’ and our ‘multi-talented’ towels deliver this in buckets, which is why we are so in love with them and committed to making them just a little bit more famous.

Whilst Peshtemals or foutas, as they are traditionally known were originally used in hamam’s and were a well kept secret for many years, today their uses have spread far beyond drying! Although that’s not to say they aren’t perfect for doing just that, as being handwoven from cotton does make them both incredibly soft and highly absorbent.

The Swiss Army Knife Of The Linen World

Due to their weave they are incredibly lightweight and compact, and as such can be used for all manor of purposes making them the ideal travel, day trip and gym companion as well as being perfect for use throughout the home.

The Swiss Army Knife Of The Linen World

The Swiss army knife of the linen world they also take up less storage space than your average towel and also require less laundering, making them a little kinder on the environment.

All of our towels are ethically sourced and hand woven by master weavers, which also makes a feel a little warmer and fuzzier inside, and with the right love and care they can last a lifetime!  

 The Swiss Army Knife Of The Linen World

Uses: Beach towel, bath towel, scarf, baby blanket, table linen, knotty bag, bed or sofa throw, dresses, sarongs wraps and shawls

















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