Our loungewear collection is made with style & comfort in mind. 100% Turkish cotton & linen fabric is first hand woven on traditional wooden shuttle looms by master weavers & then individually cut & sewn by a local tailor. A blend of form & function our gowns are lightweight & quick drying for lounging at home or away.
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Mete Lounge Gown - Charcoal - Lounge Gowns
Mete Lounge Gown - Cream - Lounge Gowns
Kumsal Lounge Gown - Slate - Lounge Gowns
Ceren Linen Lounge Gowns - Tobacco / SM - Lounge Gowns
Keten - Linen Kimono - Ecru and White
Mete Rose - Loungewear Gift Set - bundle variant #1 - mbcBundle
Mete Charcoal - Loungewear Gift Set - Mete Charcoal Gown and Towel Set - mbcBundle
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