Escaping it all and Reconnecting: Lüks Linen’s Favourite Grounding and Sustainable, UK Eco Stays

There are many things we can take away from the past two years, but the ones that stick with us are the importance of taking time for ourselves, ditching gadgets, and reconnecting with nature.

I don’t think many of us understood the importance of the outdoors until the lockdown. The Government gave us that one hour to head outside, and it became precious - we made good use of it. Whether you prefer woodland or river walks, escaping to the closest area of green space we could find was at the top of everyone’s agenda.

The Joy of the Staycation

There’s no better time to take advantage of what the UK has to offer. Let’s face it; the economy could use the boost. The UK is home to some beautiful locations - beaches, forests, mountains, and an abundance of hidden gems waiting to be explored.

This current weather may not be here to stay, but the places we’re going to show you in this blog don’t need rays of sunshine beaming on them for you to see them in their best light.

One of the perks of staying in the UK is being able to drive to your chosen beauty spot, and the car offers more luggage space than your suitcase. That said, you still need to pack smart, especially if camping, glamping, or treehousing - we may be making up words here, but after you’ve seen some of our must-stay woodland treasures, you’re going to be using it too.

Lüks Linen has a range of beautiful, sustainable and eco-friendly essentials for you and your home. When it comes to travelling, our range of traditional Turkish peshtemal towels should always be the first thing you pack. The Lüks Linen peshtemal is a sarong, a scarf, a wrap, a towel, a shawl, a table cloth, a picnic blanket, and a beach towel - it’s the item you should go nowhere without!

Whether you love luxury organic cotton, texture, linen, brights or neutrals, Lüks has a peshtemal towel that’s exactly right for you.

Reconnecting with Nature

If you go down to the woods today… you’re guaranteed to fall back in or deepen your love and connection to the woods. Trees breathe life into the world. Fact. We couldn’t be here without them. 

As kids, we climb them, attach swings to them, and carve the initials of our first love into them. As adults, it’s easy to forget all this, so if you need a reminder, we suggest you head to Dorset and enjoy the luxury treehouse stays available at Mallinson’s Woodland Retreat. The sustainably built treehouses, tipis and bell tents are in harmony with their idyllic woodland surroundings. 

The perfect place to recharge alone or spend quality time with your loved ones, and absolutely one of our favourite places to be. 

Take a Spa on the Wild Side

When we think of a spa, we visualise a big hotel, swimming pools, and warm robes. OK… so we’re still painting a great image, but what if you could achieve the same results outdoors amid nature?

Sussex is home to Wowo Campsite, where you can set up camp with your own gear or add a touch of sustainable luxury and stay in one of their yurts, huts, bell tents or geodomes. No matter how you plan to sleep, you must visit their wild spa and nourish your mind and body. With a range of saunas to choose from, massage and yoga, you can feed your soul and release it all. Who needs atmospheric music playing in a treatment room when you have trees rustling and birds singing as nature’s background music?

Life’s a Beach

When it comes to our ideal locations, we all crave something different. Some want to relax to the gentle sounds of grass blowing in the wind, and others prefer waves crashing, yearning for the call of the sea.

If your perfect sustainable staycation needs a beach, then read on. Loveland Farm is ideally situated on the Heritage Coast in Devon. This rugged coastline is ideal for those that love to explore. Sustainability is at the heart of everything at Loveland Farm, and their luxury pods can accommodate the whole family.

There’s just something about the salty sea air and a dip in the sea - even when it’s cold. Awake your senses, boost your immunity and channel your inner Wim Hof. Or relax and unwind in an environment that waits on no one, demands nothing and gives its all. 

Kid-Free. Stress-Free

Joking. Sort of. 

If you crave the beach environment minus the need to entertain the tiny people, we can absolutely recommend these two adult-only, tranquil and sustainable Cornish eco campsites.

With luxury bell tents, outdoor kitchens, wildflowers and evening lighting that will make you feel at one with the fairies, you must stay at The Paddocks. Embracing the communal experience, ditch the electrics, forget the nine to five and unwind. There’s no mains charging point, but if you feel the need to be contactable (your choice, we don’t judge), solar USB charging is available.

When you need to hide away and escape it all, where’s better than the Cornish clifftops? Complete with a restaurant, spa, and yoga, Scarlet Hotel offers the perfect adult, luxury, sustainable staycation. Reconnect with yourself, nature and each other with a glass of wine from your sea-facing room or a stroll on the sandy beaches.

When You Want It All

If you live in the city, but your heart’s in the countryside, a working farm campsite is a perfect way to sustain your desires. It's a great place for the whole family to learn new skills and appreciate a different way of life. 

Wilton Farm in South Hams is seeped in history; the surrounding areas boast beautiful coastlines, boat trips, palm trees (yes, you read that correctly) and an abundance of places to eat and drink. That’s if you want to leave the campsite - which you should because this is such a beautiful location. 

Wilton Farm is one for the traditional, free-range campers, so caravans and motorhomes can’t rock up, but it caters to all your needs with toilet and shower facilities. Get off-grid, explore the hills and take the time you need to find balance and harmony. 

That’s It… We’re Off

If you’re not inspired to pack your bags, we certainly are!

Never underestimate the power of nature to heal and rejuvenate. It was once our natural habitat, and somewhere inside, we remember that. Whether you wholly embrace it and connect with nature on a deeper level or simply want to get away from it all and recharge, it doesn’t matter, as long as you get what you need.

Simplicity breeds harmony, peace of mind, and calm - all things we put on the back burner but should be a focus. So, what are you waiting for? Take care of yourself in luxury whilst respecting nature, and book your stay at one of these beautiful, sustainable UK destinations.


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