Lüks Linen’s Sustainable Festival Must-Haves

Festival season is upon us!

Whether you’re die-hard festival-goers or festival virgins, there are a few essential items that should be on everyone’s packing list regardless of whether you are glamping, motorhoming or looking for the authentic festival experience amongst a sea of tents as close to the entry gates as possible.

Whether it’s Camp Bestival for family fun or the Secret Garden for something a little more grown-up, we all need to pack light and smart and with an awareness of our impact in mind. 

Festival organisers are also acutely aware of the mess and waste that their events can create and are taking steps to be more environmentally conscious with free on-site water fountains, tent hire and recycling being amongst their many initiatives. 

Whilst the most sustainable and cost-effective packing list is shopping from what you already own but if you’re missing a few bits and pieces here are Lüks’ tried and tested, sustainable and environmentally-friendly festival essentials.

1. Lüks Linen Peshtemal Towel

When you can only take what you can carry on your back, you need items that have multiple uses. The Lüks range of cotton peshtemal towels can be used as a quick-drying towel (if you venture to the showers), a scarf for evenings and even a blanket to sit on. Generous in size, our peshtemals roll or fold down to around a quarter of the size of traditional towels, making them excellent space savers.

We have so many beautiful peshtemal towels to choose from, and we love the Rulo Cotton Waffle Peshtemal in Ink for festivals. Although other colours are available, we think Ink is the perfect colour for a festival. Spills won’t show up and it will complement any outfit choice.

2. Water Bottle 

Hydration is vital; even if it’s not hot and you’re not consuming alcohol, it's easy to skimp on the fluids when the loos aren’t all that inviting. Don’t. Dehydration will not only lead to you being unable to enjoy yourself as much and lacking energy, but it can also make you poorly. 

Although you’ll find drinking water points at most festivals, you need to take a cup with you that can handle the heat and dirt. Global Wakeup has created an innovative self-cleaning water bottle. Click the button on the lid, and the EV-C technology will clean the inside of the bottle in three minutes, leaving it odour and germ-free. This makes it even easier to switch between your morning coffee and cool water; the double-walled bottle will keep drinks hot for four hours and cool for twelve.

3. Loo Roll 

It has to be said, the downside of every festival is the loos (wee tree anyone?). If you’ve never been to a festival before, you’ve probably used public toilets, and we all know that no matter how hard people try to keep them clean, they end up being a bit grim.

With the number of people at a festival, you can expect the toilets to be far from idyllic or well-stocked, so it’s a good idea to keep loo roll on you. 

Who Gives A Crap sells bulk and individually wrapped loo roll that’s plastic-free, is shipped using carbon-neutral methods, and 50% of its profits go to helping build toilets in communities and countries that lack this basic facility. 

4. Sun Tan Lotion

Given that the British summer weather can be unpredictable, you never know if your festival will fall under a heatwave or be victim to a downpour. The NHS recommends that from March to October, we use at least a factor 30 on the areas of our skin exposed to the sun. Even if the sun isn’t shining, it’s the time of year when the UK sun is at its strongest.

At Lüks Linen, our go-to sun care is the Green People range of organic and natural sun protection and aftercare. Available for children and adults, in factor 15 to 30 for face and body, the Green People range is ideal for the most delicate and sensitive skin types.

5. Wash Bar

Whether you venture to the showers or have a quick wash at the sinks, you’ll need to take some soap. Bottles take up space, and you risk a leak, so we’d suggest going to a soap bar instead.

The Kleensoap range of soaps on a rope is ideal for this setup because you don’t have to find anywhere to put them while you wash. Instead, you can hook them around your wrist. That’s not the only purpose of the rope, though. I’m sure we’ve all been in the situation where our solid soap gets to a point where we can't use it because it’s so tiny that it slips through our fingers. With the Kleensoap, the last pieces of the soap stick to the rope enabling you to use every last bit.

These 100% natural, handmade vegan soaps come in various fragrances, are long-lasting and create a creamy lather, bringing a touch of loveliness to your festival washing experience.

6. Lunch Box

Eating at festivals can get expensive, although, with such variety, you will want to sample as much as possible and that often means a lot of unnecessary cardboard and plastic waste. 

So why not bring your own - cutlery, plates or lunch box that vendors can pop your gourmet feasts into?

We love the Elephant Box BPA and paraben-free range of stainless steel lunch boxes. In various sizes, they’re lightweight and durable and can survive the festival life far better than their plastic alternatives.

7. Hat 

At a festival, a hat has multiple purposes. They shade your face from the sun, keep your head cooler - helping to thwart sunstroke, and on the last day of the festival, they hide that you’ve not washed or styled your hair for three days.

This Bucket Hat by Jack Wolfskin looks good on both men and women. Windproof (dance proof) and water repellent; it regulates moisture and inhibits the release of odours. PFC-free and made with recycled materials, it can be adjusted to fit you perfectly.

8. Torch 

If you’re in a tent, there’s bound to be a point where you need an inconvenient nighttime trip either back to camp from the festival site or when nature calls at 3 am. Tent pegs and support lines are hazardous, and there may not always be lights in the toilet cubicle, so it's advisable to equip yourself with a torch.

Remember, we’re packing light and smart, so we need something small and reliable. We love the Dynamo Torchlight for this very reason. It’s small and doesn’t require batteries or electrical charging. To keep it powered, you turn the crank manually, so there’s no risk of the lights going out at the worst possible moment.

9. Sunglasses

Not only do sunglasses hide the evidence of a heavy night (or two), they are essential for keeping your eyes healthy. Some people’s eyes are more sensitive than others, and many reach for sunglasses at the first glimpse of the sun.

Even if it’s not overly bright, when you’re out all day, you need to take protecting your eyes from UV damage seriously. Pala Eyewear has created a gorgeous range of eco-friendly and sustainable sunglasses for all genders. When you buy from the Pala range of stylish sunglasses, you’ll also be helping to support eyecare in South Africa.

10. Thick Socks

The nights can still get chilly even if you’re blessed with warm weather. Wild Wool has produced a lovely range of thick hemp socks to keep your toes toasty and warm.

Hemp is an excellent material because it doesn’t need synthetic herbicides or pesticides to grow. As a material, it’s comfortable and breathable, which is ideal for feet, especially if they’re needed during the day to stop your feet from sloshing around in your wellies.

11. Wellies

Speaking of wellies, they are pretty much synonymous with festivals because you never know when the weather will turn, and you’re dodging the puddles. However, wearing bulky rubber up to your knees in the heat can leave you feeling sweaty and uncomfortable.

That’s why we adore the Voylok range of boots. Stopping just above the ankle, the Voylok boot is perfect for all seasons and claims to be the most sustainable boot in the world! Made entirely from wool with a removable rubber overlayer for the base, they’re insulating and breathable, maintaining your temperature and stopping your feet from sweating.

12. Liver Support

We’re not saying that everyone at festivals drinks to excess and if you do there’s no judgment here!

That said, after a few days of festival cuisine and refreshment, your gut will need some TLC. Detoxify your liver with Debloat & Detox, a vegan, plant-based, natural supplement to aid bloating and digestive discomfort.

These capsules contain Milk Thistle, Dandelion, and Artichoke and are full of detoxifying and purifying naturally occurring antioxidants.

Enjoy the Season

Get the most of your festival season with these twelve must-have items that will last well beyond your three days of fun. For some, festivals happen once a year, others, once in a lifetime. Either way, make the experience sustainable and cost-effective by purchasing products you can use repeatedly.

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