Travel Light This Summer

With just a couple of weeks to go before the summer holidays begin our thoughts are naturally turning to days out, festivals and, if we're lucky a couple of weeks in a sunny spot with sand between our toes.

No matter the occasion it usually involves packing a bag (or 5) and trying to be prepared for each and every eventuality.

Whether it's airlines constantly surprising us with their lofty baggage fees or the Tetris challenge of the car boot, space is more often than not at a premium.

And here's where peshtemals come in. Sadly they can't satisfy all of our holiday woes but they can help to ease the burden.

A couple of months ago a broadsheet editor asked me what I loved best about peshtemals and my overarching response was their versatility - especially at this time of year when the sun is a more frequent guest on our shores!

Size is Everything

The average peshtemal is BIG around the size of a bath sheet (95 x 180 cm) but it folds down small (and I mean real small). Our average peshtemal rolls down to just 30cm x 12cm x 5cm. Taking up nominal space in your case means you can easily pack a few for the family, although we highly recommend putting one or two into your shoulder bag or carry on for use as a scarf or blanket for you or the littles on those air conditioned flights.

Travel Light This Summer

Once You Go Flat You Won't Go Back

Peshtemals are flat woven, which can be a leap for some folk used to traditional loop and pile towels. Whilst the latter tends to hold onto water (and sand) and can become musty the peshtemal wipes water away rather than soaking it up making it much quicker drying. The flat weave also means that a quick shake and the sand is gone meaning you don't bring half the beach back with you!

More Than A Towel

Besides it obvious function the peshtemal really comes into it's own whilst you're away from home. As we've already alluded to they make great scarves and blankets, they can be used as cover up's or sarongs for sun kissed skin or to see you from the beach to the bar for a sundowner or two. Given their size one or two peshtemals can be used as picnic throws or even as table linen to add a little luxury to campsite dining.

Travel Light This Summer

Less is Best 

Not just when it comes to holiday packing but also for the environment. With the right love and care our peshtemals, just like you can last a lifetime and come with a 20 year repair or replace guarantee. The dyes used are all OEKO TEX certified which means there are no nasty chemicals used in their production. Unlike traditional towels the peshtemal dries quickly so requires less laundering and when they do need a wash a cool 30˚ is just fine.

Ready To Switch Up?

If peshtemals sound like your bag then pop over to our holiday shop over at Lüks where we've put together our favourite lightweight lovelies to see you through the summer.


*Headline Photo: Pala Eyewear



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