Travel Light - 5 Top Tips for Packing like a Pro this Summer

With the last bell of term about to ring our attention will quickly be turning to the summer holidays. Thoughts of idyllic, sun drenched days by the pool and grabbing an hour with a good book can quickly be replaced with mild panic and dread when we start to think about packing, queueing and entertaining the youth during, what will invariably be a full day of travel.

Whilst we can't help with the carnage of the airport we can offer a few choice tips  on how to make packing a little easier and kinder to our world...

1. If didn't wear it last holiday you won't wear it for this one

Most of us our guilty of this 'maybe, possibly' faux pas. Now we're not suggesting that you donate or (heaven forbid) landfill your existing summer wardrobe, in fact history tells us that the cycles of fashion will eventually spin back around. What we are saying is choose wisely and 'consider the capsule' rather than individual outfits that will take up a lot of suitcase space. Consider 10 - 15 pieces that you can mix and match. If you're heading off to sunnier climes the chances are you're going to be living in your swimwear for the best part of the day anyway.

  • 3 t-shirts
  • 2/3 pairs of shorts
  • 2 bikinis / tankini's / swimsuits
  • 2 casual dresses or cover-ups & 1 evening dress
  • 2 light shirts
  • 2 peshtemals that can be used as beach towels & sarongs as well as scarves of wraps for cooler evenings.

2. Check the evening and nighttime temperatures

Us Brits are weather obsessed - FACT! But how many times have you packed an extra cardigan, jumper, jeans and PJ's for your holidays without checking what the evening and nighttime temperatures are going to be? Balmy evenings won't need your layers however prepared you think you're being it's just unnecessary space and weight in your case.

3. It's a material world

We all know the roll don't fold rule right - but there's little escaping the fact that on the other end of your flight is a case of creases. Whilst polyester and viscose may be forgiving when it comes to ironing they are not good against your skin in heat or good for the planet. Focus on natural materials that are well, naturally wicking and require less laundering than synthetics. We're talking cotton, bamboo and, if the budget allows linen which when hung (especially in humidity) will be ready to wear without having to spend time and frustration with a travel iron!

4. Don't buy cute - refill and re-use

Toiletries can take up a lot of space and, with the exception of sunscreen which we need bucketful of it can be difficult to resist those oh so cute travel size products in the aisles of your favourite chemist. But, as sweet as they are these are all single use plastic products. Instead invest in some travel bottles that you can decant your toiletries into and re-use over and over again.

Another single use culprit is the trusty cotton wool whilst make up may not be a daily religion on holiday it is always good to cleanse the day away. Zero waste brand Bambaw sell these great reusable and washable make up remover pads and exfoliators that come with a wash bag so you can just sling them in the machine.

5. If you're buying new buy to last

Last week Barnados Retail released results of a poll showing that we will spend £700,000,000 on holiday outfits this summer that we will only wear once! I find that almost incomprehensible. Couple that with Boo Hoo's £1 bikini and we're in seven shades of sh*t. My Granny always told me 'buy cheap, buy twice' - it's a false economy that took me well into my thirties to grasp the concept of. Now as much as I can afford to I look for timeless clothes and products that aren't going to fall apart after a few uses and swimsuits are worth the investment - one down payment for at least a few years of use.

When it comes to holiday packing I find separates are great as you can mix and match which will also extend their shelf (or pool) life. If you are in the market for new swimwear we recommend Davy J who make technical, eco-friendly swimwear out of 100% regenerated nylon sourced from ghost fishing nets and Deakin Blue who combine fabrics made from regenerated ocean waste. 

And there you have it just a few thoughts for travelling light this summer. Wherever your adventures take you - enjoy!



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