Our Story

The evolution of Lüks Linen was somewhat of a sun bed epiphany - discovering the traditions and rich cultural narrative of the peshtemal whilst in Turkey, was a moment of serendipity and the start of the Lüks brand as we know it today.

As a small business with big dreams Lüks encapsulates effortless elegance and timeless style, whilst supporting niche communities of master weavers and family ateliers, whose time honoured skills are rapidly becoming replaced by mass market manufacturing.

The cotton from which our products are made is grown, spun and dyed locally for our ateliers, who inspire the way we live now, by showcasing the beauty of natural materials and sustainable living.

If you’re an ethically focused consumer, who likes to purchase stylish, classical and long lasting products which infuse character and history into your home and support community craftsmanship, then Lüks Linen is your perfect partner.

Our next aim is to become a fully certified organic brand by 2018, working with the next generation of young designers and artists, who actively promote the use of GOTS accredited cotton and supporting the communities of Denizli and Hatay, without whom the brand would simply not exist.

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