Bring the spa experience home this National Spa Week

It’s National Spa Week! I know, you probably didn’t realise that was a thing, either. For many of us, going to a spa is a treat, a rarity, not something that requires a week of recognition. 

However, the reasons behind National Spa Week are most definitely worthy of attention, since it’s beyond just being skin deep. The aim is to raise awareness of the benefits that regular spa attendance can offer - physical, mental and emotional. It all falls under the self-care banner that we all hear about but struggle to find time for.

We’re under more stress right now than most of us have ever been. We’re living with a pandemic that we’re still not free of. Many of us have had to juggle work, home-schooling, even illness. Add the fact that Christmas is round the corner to the equation and you have a nation that’s tearing their hair out.


Some down-time is needed

Most of us will put up our hand and say that we need a spa day, time to ourselves, relaxation. We understand the benefits, but are we going to, or able to commit to the expense of a regular trip to the spa?

Probably not.

Bring the spa experience to your home

With Luks Linen, there are ways to bring the spa experience to your home. We can’t include the masseuse (wouldn't that be lovely) but we can help you create the perfect environment to enjoy some ‘me time.’ 

However, you’ll need to send partners and children away for the day.

Create the mood

Run the bath, add your favourite bubbles, or if you’re feeling particularly achey, add in a splash of Elixir Magnesium Salts - great for muscles, as well as your mind.

Once your bath is set just as you like it, go ahead and light some scented candles. Our Hand Poured, Essential Oil Soy Wax Candles don't just smell beautiful, they’re blended to do three, very important jobs - to settle, steady and soothe you. 

Our noses are very smart, you know, and if you let them guide you, they’ll tell you what you desire. It may be that you need to steady your mind, with the clarifying and calming scent of sandalwood and bergamot. 

If you’re feeling off balance and in need of some grounding, settle into your bubbles with the luscious scent of black pepper and cedarwood. This warm and spicy aroma is also great for invoking those Christmas vibes. 

Soothe those worries away with clary sage and lavender, the ultimate blend for relaxation. If pure, unadulterated relaxation is what you’re craving, then use this candle alongside Neal’s Yard, Soothing Bath Oil. The blend of organic lavender, geranium, bergamot, and cypress essential oils will complement our soothing candle, creating relaxation perfection. It will leave your body and your skin feeling well and truly pampered.

Not sure which candle is for you? That’s fine, because you can save some money and buy the trio

Wrap yourself in love

Once you’ve enjoyed your time in the water, you need to continue the luxury, and there’s no better way to do that than with one of our beautiful organic cotton peshtemals. Large, butter-soft and quick-drying, our range of Turkish peshtemals can be used in place of your standard towel. Take a look at our Ferah range of peshtemals to see whether ink, moss or oyster would look the best, draped over your tub.

Take as long as you need

There’s no rush to get dressed. Cherish the experience and free time for a little bit longer, with our lounge gowns. One of the perks of being at the spa is getting to lounge around in a dressing gown, so bring this to your home too. We have a beautiful range of organic cotton and linen lounge gowns for men and women, all you need to do is pick your favourite.

While you’re busy lounging, why not continue the skin treatment section of your at-home, spa experience. The Ordinary range of skin oils combine two things we love - affordability and luxury. Pick the oil that’s right for you and you’ll be left feeling like you’ve had a thirty-minute facial. They’re vegan too, so you can be at peace with nature, as well as your mind.

For your body, our ‘go to’ favourite has always been Body Shop Body Butters with Fuji Green Tea being a personal favourite. These body butters are an absolute bargain and the scent and softness lasts way beyond your day of indulgence. 


Affordable and ethical

Luks Linen strives to bring beauty into your home and serenity into your life, in an affordable and ethical way. All our products are made from organic, vegan friendly and ethically sourced materials, and sent to you in degradable packaging. You can rest assured that your day of pampering and self-care is not also helping you, but the environment too. 

Our organic cotton peshtemals come with a twenty year guarantee, and once they start to lose their looks, they can be used in the garden and be returned to the soil, since they are 100% degradable.

Our gorgeous, scented candles are made using ethically sourced wax and organic, Soil Association approved, steam distilled oils. The candle wicks are made with pure cotton and thin paper filaments interlaced for a more stable and consistent burn. 

Bring the spa experience home this National Spa Week and keep up the routine of regular self-care, with products that you can use, time and time again.  

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