Less is more - Meaning, Mentors and Musings

It's scary, launching your own business. Releasing your dream out to the world can leave you feeling uncertain, vulnerable and can shake the most confident of convictions.

And it's challenging going it alone. Whilst it's exciting doing the ground work, ultimately it's all your call, your responsibility. You wear all the hats and have no-one to bounce your ideas off, to question your approach and, probably - most importantly to validate your idea.

I always knew that I wanted to run a congruent business and Lüks' commitment to ethical and sustainable products is growing, as I grow, and become increasingly aware of the importance of how we produce and what we, as a nation of consumers buy.

I am by no stretch of the imagination and expert, I'm really at the beginning of my journey and it is encouraging to see highly visible companies such as H&M building on their sustainability strategy in the face of increasing interest from their consumers, and 55 companies signing a sustainable fashion and textile covenant with the Dutch government pledging to tackle poor working conditions, child labour and safety in manufacturing countries such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Turkey. 

And it's not only the big guys that are taking action, in fact many beautifully creative and committed independents are leading the charge, companies like People Tree - stalwarts in this arena, Cuyana with their 'fewer, better', 'lean closet' philosophy and Tara Button at BuyMeOnce who is championing the 'lifetime product' movement (and who we have just partnered with) are truly an inspiration.

Actually when I think on this, I come to a realisation...that all the amazing companies and individuals already out there making a stand, leading the way and meeting a need are all the mentors, and, perhaps all the validation that I need...

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