Small Sanctuaries

You don't need me to tell you life is busy. Juggling work, family, friends and Love Island can leave little time for self care, which makes the moments that we have to ourselves precious. A hot bath and a locked door is often the only moment that we truly have to take time out so it's really important that our bathrooms are a place where we feel relaxed.

That means cutting down on the clutter and introducing natural elements that can make our smallest rooms feel more like sanctuaries.


Whilst there are no hard and fast rules about colour - I would avoid bright primaries and super busy repetitive wallpaper or tile patterns on the walls that can cause unwanted nervous energy in the brain.

Think warm or off whites for a simple, tranquil base or, conversely at the other end of the spectrum embrace dark and muted tones that create a restful space (and look great against candle light). Don't be afraid to use dark colour in small bathrooms - embrace it!

If budget isn't an issue then I would use Farrow and Ball (be prepared for a three coat application) but I would also recommend Valspar at B&Q who have an amazing colour range and can also colour match if you've got something specific in mind.


Whilst the idea of a product free bathroom is a pipe dream for most of us there are ways we can minimise what's 'on show' and storage solutions can be beautiful. Take for example the lovely grass baskets from Artisanne -  braided and hand woven by Senegalese women. Their large Ali Baba baskets are perfect for laundry whilst their range small, medium and large storage baskets will elegantly hide everything from towels to toiletries - and all whilst supporting women artisans.


Not the replacement for Esperanto - Biophilia is our human need to affiliate with nature. Biophilic design is an extension of this and encourages the use of natural materials and nature itself in our interiors to improve our health and wellbeing.

For the bathroom it's about using cotton towels (no polyester blends please), bringing greenery into the space and swapping out, where possible plastic and metal for wood and bamboo.

Fancy getting biophilic the Chalk and Moss is a great online store for nature connected interiors.


It's not just about creating the space, it's about creating time for and treating yourself - wanna get clean - have a shower - want to relax and gather yourself - have a bath and no self respecting bather would be without a good bath foam, oil or salts. Neals Yard are a firm favourite, in particular their Seaweed and Arnica  bath soak is brilliant for getting rid of those daily aches and pains (TIP: Waitrose often discount their NY range and you can get around 30% off). But let's not forget smaller award winning independents like The Rose Tree whose bath oils in beautiful blends of Cypress, Lavender and Geranium will melt away the day. If you want to go full out for your daily dip (and who doesn't) then we need candles and we love Ohros who produce hand poured, natural soy candles using vegan friendly essential oils in their Hackney Studio - think Tom Dixon without the heady price tag!

As Sylvia Plath once wrote..."There must be quite a few things a hot bath won't cure, but I don't know many of them."

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